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Hydro-Tone Fitness Systems, Inc.

Hydro-Tone Fitness Systems, Inc.
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Hydro-Tone Fitness Systems, Inc. is a supplier of specially designed and patented aquatic exercise and therapy equipment that amplifies the natural resistance of water to enhance exercise and therapy programs. Hydro-Tone's equipment is used by colleges, a wide variety of training programs, physical therapists, and professional athletes for water aerobics, resistive aquatic training, and rehabilitation.


Address: 2468 N. Glassell St., Ste. A
Orange, CA 92865
(714) 998-9595
(800) 622-8663
(714) 998-8799

Guy Anthony, Pres.



Manufacturer Brands: Hydro-Bells®||Hydro-Boots®||Water Weight Bells®

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