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Haviland Pool And Spa Products

Haviland Pool And Spa Products

J.B. Haviland, an auto-industry chemist founded Haviland Products Company in 1934. By 1968, the company had grown from a research and development laboratory into a leading industrial chemical distributor in Grand Rapids, MI. In 1968, Haviland was offered the opportunity to expand his product offerings by distributing pool chemicals. In 1968, there were few products available on the market able to treat and maintain modern swimming pools. J.B. and his team quickly developed a complete line of Haviland Durachlor swimming pool products and began selling them to dealers in Michigan.
Fast forward 50 years and you’ll find Haviland positioned nationally as one of the largest and most respected manufacturers of pool and spa chemicals. In 1988, Haviland dipped a toe into the pool hose market as well. Today, Haviland hoses are widely considered the gold standard for quality at an affordable price.
Haviland does not sell directly to consumers, and outside of a few historical relationships with professional dealers, sells exclusively through the national distribution network. Haviland maintains a robust team of salespeople, service reps and technical reps dedicated to educating dealers and consumers on the best practices to maintaining healthy pool and spa water.


Address: 421 Ann St. N.W.
Grand Rapids, MI 49504
(616) 361-2929
(800) 333-0400
(616) 361-7801

Dave O'Brien, Acct. Mgr.

Mark Wiltz, Acct. Mgr.



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