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Harcros Chemicals, Inc.

Harcros Chemicals, Inc.
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Harcros Chemicals Inc. is a major distributor and manufacturer of industrial and specialty chemicals. Privately held since 2001, the company has a long standing history in the chemical industry.
Harcros operates twenty-nine distribution locations in nineteen states, and provides excellent geographic coverage throughout much of the United States. The Harcros Manufacturing Division headquarted in Kansas City, Kansas, with a secondary facility in Dalton, Georgia, is a niche producer of surfactants, emulsifiers, defoamers, and a myriad of specialty products, custom blends, and reaction chemistries.


Address: 5200 Speaker Rd.
Kansas City, KS 66106
(913) 321-3131
(913) 621-7718

Steve Gripp, Dir. Materials Mgmt.



Manufacturer Brands: Freestyle

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