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H2O Technologies, Inc.

H2O Technologies, Inc.
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H2O Technologies, Inc. is entering its nineteenth year and has enjoyed steady growth since it’s incorporation in 1997.
H2O Technologies core business is centered on the commercial pool and fountain markets. Back in 2006 H2O Technologies invented and patented the Smart Pump Control System (S.P.C.S.). Throughout the years since the release of the S.P.C.S., our product line has expanded into 5 separate models that are designed to handle any application and work with any existing commercial pool set-up. The energy savings for the customers pool range from 15% – 45% depending on equipment, piping and set-up at each installation.
On the fountain side of the business, our years of pump experience make H2O an industry leader in innovative ideas and solutions for some of the largest fountains in the world. Our extensive understanding of engineering, hydraulics and pump systems has moved us to the forefront of our field.


Address: 4501 Sandburg Way
Irvine, CA 92612
(310) 435-9223
(562) 902-0924
(562) 260-3141

Robert Castle, V.P.

Ray Aguilar, Pres.



Manufacturer Brands: Smart Pump Control System (Spcs)

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