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Grid Concepts, Inc.

Grid Concepts, Inc.
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For over 30 years, Grid Concepts has been providing colleges, high schools, and clubs with custom record boards of the highest quality. All of our boards are customized for our unique customer’s needs. Our boards include panels with adhesive lettering that doesn’t have to slide or snap into place. In addition, school colors are included in the design of each board, along with logos, and with pre-applied lettering on the “T” panels. We can also add athlete’s names to the boards for a more personalized look and a front-loading display frame. If you have an existing board from Grid Concepts, we can create add-on sections for it at a later date. Designed by coaches, our record board systems offer the convenience, look, and quality you need to record your events, all at a competitive price. Let us help you create a competitive atmosphere, where records are made to be broken, with our record boards. Grid Concepts: the record board that motivates and recognizes athletes.


Address: 4601 50th S.E.
Kentwood, MI 49512
(616) 698-9212
(866) 310-4278
(616) 698-8338

Renee Frazho, Owner



Manufacturer Brands: Global Art||Gridshape Record Boards

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