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Grecian Spas

Grecian Spas

In 1976 Grecian Spas was founded on the philosophy of bringing the customer the finest products available with uncompromising quality. Although there have been many owners of Grecian Spas over the past 28 years the same philosophy of uncompromising quality has never changed. Proved by an independent, non profit and nationally recognized research and testing laboratory.
In May of 2003 manufacturing began in Odessa, Texas exclusively, in our 90,000 square foot 8 acre facility, exceeding I.S.O. 9001 standards, we are confident that the product you purchase will exceed your expectations exponentially. In other words Grecian Spas have never been built better, and we can prove it.
Every Grecian Spa is Custom tailored for your specific needs. A Grecian Spa will reflect to your customer a confidence in your ability to choose a spa manufacturer that creates a product second to none. No other spa manufacturing company will produce for you a commercial, residential, in ground or free standing spa exactly the way you need it.


Address: 801 W. Murphy St.
Odessa, TX 79763
(661) 288-0274
(888) 292-3890
(661) 288-2931

Steve Skiver, Owner



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