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Gorman Company

Gorman Company

Gorman Co., the premier manufacturer of quality, low friction and worm gear sealing devices. We manufacture a full line of seals for hydraulic and geared machined elevators.GCihas a revolutionary, patented "G+" friction reduction technology sealing material for hydraulic packing, offering longer life and improved control of low speed vibration. Our split replacement seals for geared machines are the best in the industry.
When you think low-friction hydraulic seals and packing, think Gorman Co., Inc. We've been doing this since 1963, and we have gotten pretty good at it.


Address: 1930 W. Beaver St.
Jacksonville, FL 32209
(904) 354-1239
(904) 354-5022

Richard Menter, Reg'l. Mgr.



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