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Future Beach Leisure Products

Future Beach Leisure Products

Future Beach has assembled a team including some of the best designers and engineers in the industry. Future Beach has also made a tremendous investment in advanced manufacturing processes, modern world-class equipment and on-hand inventory to support our retail partners on a worldwide basis.
The Rotomolding Advantage
Rotomolding has always been accepted as the superior way to produce small boats by providing virtually unlimited flexibility in terms of design and shape, giving rotomolding a significant advantage over thermoforming and blow molding techniques. Innovative and technically advanced rotomolded boats are typically found only in high-end products.
Today, Future Beach has changed the game. We now provide the designs and excitement of rotomolded boats at a cost that compares to thermoformed or blow molded boats. The customer no longer has to sacrifice style and quality for price.
Future Beach is setting higher quality control standards in the small boat business by incorporating space age laser and ultrasonic inspection techniques. Our commitment to customer service is supported by our massive warehouse and on-hand inventory levels. Also, our commitment to the environment is demonstrated by our zero waste / zero landfill manufacturing facility.


Address: 160 Vanier St.
St. Jean, QC J3B 3R4 CANADA
(450) 245-0373
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Nicholas Claessens, Sls./Cust. Svc.



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