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Fujiwa Tile

Fujiwa Tile
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Fujiwa Tile is a leading importer and national wholesale distributor of high quality tile and granite coping along with decking for swimming pool, spa and outdoor construction as well as renovations.
Since its establishment in 1984, Fujiwa Tile became a leading supplier of world’s finest pool tile from basic to exquisite designs backed by its 22 years of technological knowledge and profound experience. Through our international production network and product development expertise, we offer a myriad of possibilities that help swimming pool builders, contractors, architects and designers bring their ideas to life.
Each series of Fujiwa Collection is created for superior quality, distinction, and appealing all-purpose styles.
Although Fujiwa has grown rapidly, our company remains devotedly attuned to the pace of shifting industry trends manage by today’s more stylish demand. Our on-going dedication to outstanding quality and service remains the hallmark of our organization’s success.


Address: 1804 N. Lemon St.
Anaheim, CA 92801
(714) 738-6011
(714) 738-6113

Aileen Macon, Cust. Rel. Mgr.



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