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Foam Creations, Inc.

Foam Creations, Inc.
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Since 1995, Foam Creations has used the XL EXTRALIGHT® patented technology to develop and manufacture expanded and crosslinked polyolefin injection molded foam. XL EXTRALIGHT® is an inherently lightweight, flexible, and ingenious plastic.
Foam Creations and the Finproject Group are global leaders in XL EXTRALIGHT® foam injection molding, a material with greatly superior characteristics than classical EVA injection molded foams.
Foam Creations owns manufacturing plants in Canada and Mexico, which enables it to optimize product development and accelerate delivery times in the North American market.


Address: 2405 De Celles, #8
Quebec, QC G2C 1K7
(418) 840-0585
(418) 840-9506

Kevin McCarthy, Indus. Dev. Mgr.



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