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FLG Industries, Inc.

FLG Industries, Inc.
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The Family Lifeguard® is a patented movable pool floor. The pool floor is raised and lowered, to any depth, by remote, lockable controls. When the floor is raised above the water, it becomes the ultimate safety cover and wheelchairs can be rolled onto it. When the pool is used for swimming, the pool floor depth can modified for babies at several inches, for swimming instructions and therapy at several feet and for adult use for swimming, within minutes. Today, you can enjoy the safety and convenience of the Family Lifeguard® right in your own backyard or aquatic facility pool.


Address: 9288 Vista Del Lago, Ste. 12G
Boca Raton, FL 33428
(561) 289-6812
(561) 477-2563

David Stillman, Chm. Bd.



Manufacturer Brands: Family Lifeguard®

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