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State-of-the-art can only be achieved when our engineering design solutions apply the latest technologies to both the current and long term needs of a building.
At EwingCole, we believe that modern building system design takes into account critical needs for energy efficiency, reliability, and flexibility while providing economic solutions to maintenance and retrofit operations. When designing engineering solutions, the engineers at EwingCole take pride in providing clients with the best in engineering leadership, problem solving, and cost-effective results. EwingCole nurtures a collaborative relationship between Architect and Engineer so the building systems become an integral part of the building design.
EwingCole responds to modern trends emphasizing the importance of image and visibility in terms of client recognition and relationship maintenance, employee recruiting and retention, and branding.
EwingCole’s experienced professionals continually refine their approach towards designing intelligent and attractive solutions that respond to the goals of various organizations with diverse operational methods. Our designers help each client look at all the factors – image, cost, flexibility, tradition, and technology—to create an appropriate environment that supports their workforce. As connectivity, compatibility, and adaptability requirements increase, our designers work to push the envelope of flexibility, accommodating open space environments that promote communication and collaboration.


Address: Federal Reserve Bank Bldg., 100 N. 6th St.
Philadelphia, PA 19106-1590
(215) 923-2020
(215) 574-9163

William McCullough, AIA, Dir. College Sports



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