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Earth Science Laboratories, Inc.

Earth Science Laboratories, Inc.

PROBLEMS OF MANAGING ONE OF OUR MOST VALUABLE RESOURCES. Earth Science Laboratories creates innovative water treatment products for both municipal and recreational use. These include well known and respected products such as EarthTec®, PristineBlue®, EarthTec® QZ and AlgaeShield®. PristineBlue is a residential pool and spa care system that is effective, affordable and easy. EarthTec improves water quality for both municipal and industrial uses. EarthTec QZ is a solution to the increasing problem of invasive species such as zebra mussels.


Address: 113 S.E. 22nd St., Ste. 1
Bentonville, AR 72712
(214) 399-3308
(800) 962-1492
(479) 271-7693

Doug McKenzie, Bus. Mgr., Recreational Water



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