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DryAire Systems Corp.

DryAire Systems Corp.
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The DryAire Systems is designed to be energy efficient by transforming latent heat from water evaporation into a sensible heat value, contributing 1,000?s BTU’s/per hour of free heat that can be recycled again and again as usable heat for the space. In addition, 100% of the electrical energy required to operate the systems is also converted into sensible heat, resulting in a substantial reduction of space heating and energy cost.
The DryAire unit features an automatic change-over temperature control thermostat. When the relative humidity rises in the space, the de-humidistat will start the dehumidifier. The auto-thermostat checks the room temperature and compares it to the active set-points. The thermostat will transfer from heating mode to cooling mode maintaining the desired temperature automatically, without unnecessary adjustments.


Address: W185 N11497 Whitney Dr.
Germantown, WI 53022
(262) 250-8500
(262) 250-0886

David Sukovich, V.P.

Angie Sorensen, Cust. Svc.



Manufacturer Brands: Dryaire™

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