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Dome Technology

Dome Technology
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Succeed with unmatched bulk-storage technology and design-build expertise.
Dome Technology is a pioneer in dome storage solutions that outperform traditional silos and flat storage. For more than 35 years, we’ve been building domes that last longer, hold more, and move more product than others bulk-storage options on the market.
Our latest frontier? Custom material-handling systems that not only move product inside the structure but outside as well. Our team plans smart by relying on a design-build model, creating domes and systems that’ll work in unified ways. Our streamlined approach results in quicker construction and cost savings too.
Your project, handled from start to finish—it’s innovative, and it’s what Dome Technology is doing at mines, ports, and plants around the world.


Address: 4946 North 2900 East
Idaho Falls, ID 83401-6454
(208) 529-0833
(800) 252-4078
(208) 529-0854

Dan South, V.P. Prod.

Lane Roberts, Sls. Mgr.



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