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Dicalite Minerals LLC

Dicalite Minerals LLC
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Dicalite/Dicaperl Minerals Corp. is a privately held company specializing in Diatomaceous Earth (DE) and Perlite products.
With locations across North America, and in Europe, the Dicalite/Dicaperl group of companies includes Dicalite-Europe, the worlds largest perlite filter aid production facility. The Dicalite/Dicaperl Group of companies can supply your DE, Perlite, needs from one source.
We own our mines and manufacturing facilities, ensuring both supply and controlled QA/QC throughout the production chain.
Dicalite and Dicaperl offer over 100 different DE, perlite ore, and expanded perlite products. These are used by Fortune 500, and other companies in many different industries, including; Agriculture and Horticulture, Food and Beverage filtration, and construction materials.


Address: 36994 Summit Lake Rd.
Burney, CA 96013
(530) 335-5451
(530) 335-5348

Eric Appelbaum, Mktg. Mgr.



Manufacturer Brands: Dicaflock||Dicalite™||Dicapool Perlite

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