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Deep Blue Water Technologies

Deep Blue Water Technologies
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In business since 2002, Deep Blue Water Technologies are the innovative leaders in High Tech hard water solutions. Our pool water treatment product the mPULSE 3000 has an impressive record for managing calcium scaling on pool surfaces at the water line. Calcium build-up is a hard to manage problem and the impulse technology was developed to prevent reoccurrence once the calcium is removed. Pool water requires constant retretment as the sun is always returning the calcium back to a hard scale form. So the areas that are in the splash zones will still experience some hardening since the water cannot be retreated. Pool chemistry is also important in controlling the calcium scaling proper pH levels cyunaric acids and phosphates will impact the performance of the mPULSE 3000 technology. This unique product continues to exceed industry expectations for performance. In 2004 Deep Blue Water Technologies re-evaluated field results and further enhanced the performance of an already great product. This new electronic controller is state-of-the-art reliable impulse technology that has been improved to achieve the best solution for calcium de-scaling.


Address: 3145 E. Chandler Blvd., Ste. 110-718
Phoenix, AZ 85048-8702
(877) 882-4695
(480) 460-1662

Walt Kemmer, Gen. Mgr.



Manufacturer Brands: Mpulse 3000®

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