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Current Systems, Inc.

Current Systems, Inc.

The Riverflow Swim Current System
Whether you’re considering a lap pool, a lazy river, or a dedicated exercise pool, the Riverflow System provides the best solution in next generation technology. You too can have a powerful swim current in your own backyard or water park resort that is smooth and steady and will transform your static pool into a source of fun and exercise. This ultra high volume pump is the most powerful and efficient pump in the industry and is made specifically for Lazy River and Counter Current swimming applications. Current Systems offers two different Riverflow pumps; our 7.5 HP Elite pump for recreational swimmers, and our 10 HP Competition pump for competitive athletes and commercial applications. No other pump on the market today moves as much water as the Riverflow system. Don’t be fooled by misleading claims by our competitors. The Riverflow pump delivers 2500 GPM rate at the pump with the capability of moving many tens of thousands of gallons per minute in the pool. Compare us with the competition and you will see, the Riverflow system is the clear choice.


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