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Crystal Clear Pool & Spa

Crystal Clear Pool & Spa

Crystal Clear Pool and Spa, a division of 1266350 Ontario Inc. is a private Canadian company founded in 1997. A developer/manufacturer and exporter of swimming pool treatments, our primary product is an all-natural formulation called ECLIPSE3.
Head office facilities including research & development are located in Brantford, Ontario, CANADA. There is a second manufacturing and distribution facility in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. Our company is committed to the design/development and production of all-natural based products for swimming pool – spa – hot tub maintenance.
ECLIPSE3 is a product created for algae control, chlorine reduction, pH stabilization and is a cloud-and-clear agent for use in swimming pools – spas – hot tubs. ECLIPSE3 is sold under the manufacturing name, "Crystal Clear Pool & Spa". ECLIPSE3 is registered for sale in the United States by the Environmental Protection Agency and is available for sale in all states of the US.
ECLIPSE3 is a 100% all-Canadian engineered product containing 100% all-natural products, a critical requirement for these applications.


Address: 1200 Corporate Dr.
Burlington, ON L7L 5R6 CANADA
(800) 263-8250

Ken Breau, Pres.

Tammy Breau, Sls. Mgr.



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