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Catalina Spas

Catalina Spas
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At Catalina Spas we believe in an overall approach to health, exercise and relaxation. Relaxing massages and hot water therapy are the best options for the person who has experienced stresses and strains throughout the day or week.
In a Catalina spa or Swim spa you set the mood by creating an atmosphere with the LED lighting, playing your favorite music through our Bluetooth enabled speaker system, sitting in our revolutionary massage seats or just enjoying the soothing sound of the spill over waterfall.
It’s no wonder that Catalina Spas are considered to be the most popular spas in the world.


Address: 506 Twin Oaks Dr.
Johnson City, TN 37061
(407) 732-7909
(951) 940-4566

Boyd Cargill, Pres./C.E.O.

Daniel Martelle, Sls. Mgr.



Manufacturer Brands: Catalina™

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