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Casco Mfg. Solutions, Inc.

Casco Mfg. Solutions, Inc.
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Monday through Friday we work to make life better.
Work means utilizing decades of manufacturing experience for the sake of our clients, making high-quality goods, and responding to our customer’s needs. We are fully equipped to cut, sew, seal, assemble, and run logistics like warehousing and shipping. At the end of the week, the fruit of our labor is easily seen–American made soft goods that showcase the skills we’ve honed since 1959.
Our clients choose to keep their business in the US because we offer them what overseas competitors cannot: turn-on-a-dime manufacturing, exceptional customer service, clear communication, generations of expertise, and jobs for the local community. We regularly reconfigure our shop floor to meet the changing needs of clients. Flexibility in manufacturing is a rare find, and we plan on staying that way as we age.


Address: 3107 Spring Grove Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45225
(513) 681-0003
(800) 843-1339
(513) 853-3605

Jim Moore, Opr. Mgr.

David Stewart, Sls.



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