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Bryan Boilers

Bryan Boilers
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Boiler technology leadership since 1916.
In 1916, a locomotive engineer and steam power enthusiast named George Bryan founded the Bryan Harvester Company, a small manufacturing firm which produced cars and steam powered tractors. The rising popularity of the gasoline engine forced Bryan to abandon those concepts in 1922, but it was not forgotten.
The bent water tube boiler which powered these vehicles was extremely rugged, impervious to thermal shock, compact, and easy to service, making it ideal for other applications. Bryan Harvester became the Bryan Steam LLC and began refining and marketing the original boiler for an array of uses. Today, Bryan Boilers continue to incorporate many of the features found in the original.
Applying the advantages of past experience to projects for the future has made Bryan the leader in the production of flexible water tube boilers.
The Exclusive Bryan “Flexible Water Tube” Design.
The “Flexible Water Tube” design of the Bryan boiler provides for extremely fast, natural internal circulation, resulting in maximum heat transfer and operating efficiency. Dependency on external pumps is eliminated. The unique flexible bent tube design prevents all possible damage from thermal shock and related problems. Bryan Flexible Tubes are easily removable and replaceable, allowing for quick and simple boiler maintenance. Boiler room dimensions are minimized, as little space is required for tube withdrawal — A real savings.


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