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Browns Hill Sand, Inc.

Browns Hill Sand, Inc.

Since 1981, Browns Hill Sand has been providing quality sandblasting media and equipment for all of your needs, and we're ready to help you select the right products for your next project. We're located in , Pittsburgh PA, we offer Nationwide and International Shipping.
The selection of sandblasting media like sandblasting sand and other types of abrasives is critical if you want to enjoy the best results from your efforts. The abrasives you use could impact whether you achieve the results you desire as well as the condition of your surface area after you've completed your project. While we offer the sandblasting sand and other types of abrasives that you may be looking for, we also offer personalized assistance to each of our clients so that you have the knowledgeable advice and guidance of experts to help you make an informed buying decision.
These are only a few of the many types of abrasives and related products that you can choose from when you shop with Browns Hill Sand. While we're known for providing you with high-quality materials and great advice, we also have a great reputation for providing these products and services to you at competitive rates. Contact Browns Hill Sand to find out more about the materials you can use for your next sandblasting project or to request a quote.


Address: 135 W. 7th Ave.
Homestead, PA 15120
P.O. Box 324
(412) 461-9060
(800) 854-7263
(412) 461-9061

Steve Krasne, Owner



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