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Brownie’s Third Lung

Brownie’s Third Lung
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Brownie’s Marine Group is the world’s leading innovator, designer and manufacturer of surface supplied air diving systems – often referred to as Hookah diving systems though we name ours the Brownie’s Third Lung. We are also the worlds leading innovator, designer and manufacturer of fully marinized compressor systems as well as the maker of the phenomenal NitroxMaker – the only nitrox making system approved by Bauer Compressors to be used with their compressors.
We are divers, explorers, innovators, engineers and business people and we have a passion for all the waters around us including our springs, lakes, rivers and of course oceans.


Address: 3001 N.W. 25th Ave.
Pompano Beach, FL 33069
(954) 462-5570
(800) 327-0412
(954) 462-6115

Tom Furbish, Dir. Sls.



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