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BioSafe Systems

BioSafe Systems
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BioSafe Systems is a family-owned and operated business that manufactures sustainable, environmentally responsible disease control and pest solutions that do not negatively impact the health and safety of people, pets and the environment. All of our products have to meet our own expectation of effectiveness, sustainability, and environmental stewardship.
We have pioneered the development of highly effective, sustainable, and organic certified activated peroxide chemistries for both professionals and homeowners alike, for a variety of industries. Now we are leading the way in bringing these revolutionary products to your home, gardens, pools and spas.


Address: 22 Meadow St.
East Hartford, CT 06108
(860) 290-8890
(888) 273-3088
(860) 290-8802

Colin Garry, Acct. Mgr.

Mike Garry, Retail Mgr.



Manufacturer Brands: Greenclean®Max

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