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BioClimatic Structures, LLC.

BioClimatic Structures, LLC.
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BioClimatic Structures, LLC is the exclusive distributor of the SOLISYSTEME pergolas to private homes and businesses in the United States. Reliable and unique products have catapulted Solisysteme pergolas to incredibly high demands throughout Europe over the last 17 years.
This one-of-a-kind, innovative bioclimatic pergola system transforms and expands your outdoor space in all types of weather conditions. Durable aluminum louvers adjust sunlight fluctuations for comfortable ventilation in hot temperatures. The louvers fit perfectly together to form its own dedicated gutter system for protection from rain. The pergolas are remote-controlled and equipped with rain sensors that automatically close the louvers when you are away from home.
In addition to this model, they are offering the new Arlequin pergola. With its colorful sliding panels, it reinvents the pergola. This pergola is structured to play with shadows and colors in such a way that it creates a magical outdoor experience every time. Open all the panels for full sun or close them to protect you from the elements. This too has its own dedicated gutter system.
Custom and built to size, you can create a space that fits your needs. You can add accessories such as built-in recessed LED lighting, heaters, shades, privacy louvers and more to further customize your space. The patented designs can even adapt to an existing architectural configuration.
Bioclimatic Structures are thrilled to be bringing these original and authentic products to private homes and businesses nationwide so that Americans can truly take shelter in style. BioClimatic Structures is committed to the same high level of quality and customer service that the Solisysteme brand has delivered. Their products are the perfect balance between design, technology and sustainable development that are built to last—just like their client relationships.
Now you can enjoy worry-free outdoor living like never before- with a design that’s built to last.
Jean-Louis Castel invented the bioclimatic pergola 15 years ago while he was looking for a solution to protect his terrace from constantly changing weather conditions. He soon realized that his design was effective and original and filed a patent which became the basis of his business development.
Solisysteme has become the benchmark for terrace shelter builders, not only in France but in more than 15 countries worldwide. The company stays at the leading edge of the industry by continually inventing and manufacturing more and more innovative shade solutions. Solisysteme are committed to innovation and sustainable development. They work with the biggest names in the aluminum industry and with handpicked suppliers. They have also earned many industry-recognized awards of quality which guarantees that each pergola they produce is top quality and has a very long life.


Address: 101 Alexander Ave., Unit 4
Pompton Plains, NJ 07444
(973) 513-7016
(973) 513-7575

Chris Wehmeyer, Owner

Nicole Wehmeyer, Co-Owner



Manufacturer Brands: Solisysteme®

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