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BB Deck, Inc.

BB Deck, Inc.

Associated with Award winning pool installations, BBDeck®, Inc. holds the most advanced and universally adaptable patented design concept for a ‘Pool Cover Decking System’ which satisfies the rigorous demands for aesthetics, strength and immediate effortless accessibility.
We are registered design professionals with decades of experience in serving the most demanding of clients in the field of custom engineering for residential and commercial projects. BBDeck®, Inc. is committed to configuring our decking system to allow for the full customization required to meet your proposed pool design criteria.
Launched with more than 40 years of engineering design experience by founder Mike Bouiss, PE, this simple yet pleasing solution gives new opportunities to that end of the pool where ‘bracket and tray lid systems’ fall short. The hydraulically operated mono-deck system is capable of supporting a wide variety of decking loads and finishes from wood to stone/pavers to poured-in-place concrete.
There are few pools which use automatic pool covers that would not be markedly enhanced by the installation of the BBDeck®, Inc. Pool Cover Decking System.


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Cameron Bouiss, V.P.



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