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BayState Pool Supplies, Inc.

BayState Pool Supplies, Inc.

Baystate Pool Supplies is a third-generation, family-owned wholesale distributor of swimming pool and spa products. Our Founder, Charles Arakelian, came to this country from Armenia. He settled in Philadelphia and eventually moved to Boston. There he learned to manufacture bleach for laundries.
In time his two sons, Arthur and Paul, began selling bleach (sodium hypochlorite) to local municipal pools. Paul who was working at United Bleach, and Arthur who was a grammar school teacher, saw opportunities in the flourishing pool industry. Arthur left his teaching job, joined his brother, and in 1965 formed Baystate Chemical and Pool Supplies. They eventually settled on Baystate Pool Supplies.
Over time Chuck, Paul’s son, and John and David, Arthur’s sons, joined Baystate. Today Baystate proudly operates eleven distribution outlets from Virginia to Albany, NY servicing Virginia Beach to Buffalo, NY daily.


Address: 691 Concord Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02138
(617) 547-9145
(617) 547-9126

Joe Toro, Nat'l. Sls. Mgr.

Ron Ossen, Mktg. Mgr.



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