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Aquatics Center
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In 1998, TERRIO Physical Therapy & Fitness, Inc. consisted of Tim Terrio performing physical therapy on a handful of patients out of one clinic in North Bakersfield. 18 years later the company has blossomed into a network of services all designed to help you, our customer, reach your fullest potential. TERRIO lives off the mantra "there has to be a better way." Thus, whenever TERRIO is presented with a problem, we look for a creative and innovative solution to that problem and then we make sure our patients "Get Informed, Get Moving, Get Better."
To demonstrate TERRIO's commitment to providing quality care and service to our patients, we have invested in measuring functional patient outcomes and patient satisfaction using a third-party outcomes system, Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes, Inc. (FOTO©). While many in health care say they are committed to quality care and service, few are willing to put their resources into actually measuring these cornerstones and responding to them.


Address: 1800 Westwind Dr., Bldg. 500
Bakersfield, CA 93301
(661) 322-9411
(661) 616-9199
(661) 377-1700 (Corp.)

Michael Lightfoot, Opr. Mgr. (Corp. Office)

Alisa Suburu, P.T./Dir. Outpatient Svcs.



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