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Aquatic Therapy University

Aquatic Therapy University

Remember university life? That rich academic atmosphere where you knew what was required and looked forward to where you were going? Miss it? That is why we introduced Aquatic Therapy University (ATU) to the rehab world.
ATU is the only curriculum-structured, evidence-based, continuing education program for the aquatic therapist. It's like majoring in aquatic therapy -- only in the post-graduate world of continuing education. Each class you take moves you towards your goal in a planned progression so you are sure you are getting fresh content, not repeats. We call this the ATU Credentialing Path.
At ATU, expect your horizons to be broadened and your abilities challenged. Every single one of our 2-day lab-intensive classes is packed full of demanding cutting-edge content. After five classes, you will have earned enough credits for your Aquaticist? certification. We even offer 2-week training Intensives for you Type-A's out there who can't wait years to get theirs.


Address: 3500 Vicksburg Ln., #250
Plymouth, MN 55447
(612) 424-5490
(800) 680-8624
(888) 514-6133

Lee Salzman, Pres.

Andrea Saltzman, Prog. Dir.



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