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Aquatic Science Associates LLC

Aquatic Science Associates LLC
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As a physiatrist (a physician in rehabilitation medicine,) I have seen first hand the value of aquatic activity in promoting and recovering health. I’ve overseen Olympic athletes recovering from injury, individuals with spinal cord injury begin to relearn to walk, severe fracture patients heal and recapture strength, and individuals with neurologic diseases regain strength and mobility through aquatic therapy. In my research, I’ve seen the unique properties of water effect dramatic change upon the central nervous system, improve respiratory function, increase circulation, and lower blood pressure. The value of water in healing and health promotion is tremendous, and extremely underutilized. Our website is dedicated to expanding the understanding of the value of water for healing and health promotion.


Address: 13125 S. Fairway Ridge Ln.
Spokane, WA 99224
(509) 443-8502
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Dr. Bruce Becker, Co-Editor



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