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Aquatic Risk Management

Aquatic Risk Management

An aquatics expert investigating more than 60 cases per year and over 1,600 career cases, Tom Ebro is a trained forensic examiner and accident investigator who utilizes state-of-the-industry methods and testing equipment to uncover facts and applicable factors in aquatic accidents.
Tom Ebro has been a nationally featured aquatics expert on NBC’s “Dateline,” ABC’s “20/20” and “Inside Edition,” as well as “The Discovery Channel” and “Court TV.”
Tom Ebro’s aquatic litigation resource practice specializes in water accident reconstruction, forensic investigation, consulting on cases, and providing expert witness services on recreational aquatic accident and death cases. Tom has the expertise to determine causal elements, recommend corrective action and implement operational, maintenance and safety training programs to improve water safety and minimize litigation exposure.
Tom founded Aquatic Risk Management to evaluate facilities and operational safeguards to minimize risk for aquatics industries, including but not limited to equipment manufacturers, recreation, hospitality and entertainment. With his comprehensive knowledge of marine practices, procedures, regulations and safeguards, Tom has earned the trust and respect of his clients.
His depth of knowledge and breadth of experience make Tom Ebro the expert witness of choice to appear before courts and regulatory agencies.


Address: 11 Plaza Real S., #820
Boca Raton, FL 33432
(561) 235-5540
(813) 792-9090

Thomas C. Ebro, Water Safety Consultant



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