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AquaBond, LLC

AquaBond, LLC
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AquaBond maintains its leadership in the Pool, Spa and Fountain adhesives and sealants marketplace by clearly differentiating in the following areas:
Pool, Spa, Fountain and Water Feature solutions are all we do. Our integrated AquaBond System allows you to mix only what you need, only when you need it, giving you maximum flexibility and control.
We’ve been in the Pool, Spa and Fountain business for 30 years.
AquaBond’s ongoing investment in adhesive technologies for swimming pools, spas and water features is unparalleled. Our development team celebrates a philosophy of precision and durability.


Address: 6444 E. Spring St., #275
Long Beach, CA 90815
(714) 961-1420
(714) 961-1422

Cindy LaCombe, Controller

Mark Barnes, Reg'l. Sls. Mgr.



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