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Aqua Control, Inc.

Aqua Control, Inc.
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Aqua Control, Inc. (ACI) was founded in 1970 as a manufacturer of floating Aerators and Fountains. Since then, ACI has done extensive engineering to develop innovative new products with emphasis on creating highly efficient pumps that create unique and beautiful spray patterns and superior aeration. In October of 2008, Aqua Control, Inc. acquired Aeration Technologies, Inc. based in North Carolina. Aeration Technologies was an emerging leader in the manufacturing of Lake Bed Aeration equipment.


Address: 6A Wolfer Industrial Dr.
Spring Valley, IL 61362
(815) 664-4900
(800) 377-0019
(815) 664-4901

Mary Jo Credi, Nat'l. Sls. Mgr.

Clair Sack, Inside Sls.



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