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American Water Broom

American Water Broom
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Connect the American Water Broom to an ordinary hose and save Time, Money, and Water! The Water Broom quickly and efficiently cleans any well-drained surface in about one-fifth the time and uses about one-tenth the water of a hose alone. Turns ordinary tap water into a high pressure, highly maneuverable line of water that cleans quickly and easily, leaving a fast-drying surface behind. American Water Brooms have almost no moving parts. Compared to sweepers, pressure washers or vacuums, repairs and upkeep is almost non-existent. The Water Broom also removes small, abrasive dirt and dust that sweepers and vacuums miss.


Address: 3565 McCall Pl.
Atlanta, GA 30340
(770) 451-2000
(800) 241-6565
(770) 455-4478

Beverly Roberts, V.P.



Manufacturer Brands: Eagle Water Brooms||Jet-A-Way Water Brooms||L`Il Squirt Water Brooms||Squirt Deluxe Water Brooms||Squirt Water Brooms

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