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Alta Enterprises

Alta Enterprises

Alta Enterprises has been a leading provider of commercial pool covers:, automatic pool covers: and pool cover reels since 1989. We are known as the pool cover specialists. Alta has developed custom pool covers and pool cover reel systems for more than 400 universities and K-12 schools across North America. We customize all our pool covers for the location and use. We do custom university pool covers, public pool covers, health club pool covers, hotel pool covers and more. Alta automatic pool covers save time and energy.
Automated Reel Systems: Alta is the leading manufacturer of automatic swimming pool covers with push button functionality. Our automated, electric reel systems remove the hassle of deploying and retracting large pool covers. The only commercial swimming pool covers that offer one-touch functionality. Alta pool covers deploy and retract large pool blankets on average in a minute and a half with the push of a button.
Power Winder for deck pool cover reels: The Alta Power Winder is designed to power your existing pool cover reel system. Made of stainless steel and featuring automated functionality, the Power Winder makes the normally painstaking, manual process of deploying and retracting your pool fast and effortless. Made of black powder coated stainless steel for durability. Electronics and motors are in a water resistant enclosure that maximizes corrosion protection
Commercial Pool Covers: The Alta Commercial Pool Covers is a high-strength cover was designed for heavy duty use in punishing environments. These pool covers have brass grommets, load-dispersing plates, heavy-duty hinges Seams are welded for even greater durability. Three layer composite, laminated material consisting of Volara 2 with a foam middle layer protected on both sides by a woven outer layer. Finished material is blue in color on both sides.


Address: 7100 Spectrum Ln.
Missoula, MT 59808
(800) 624-1235
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