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Air Structures American Technologies, Inc. (ASATI)

Air Structures American Technologies, Inc. (ASATI)

From the air structures first used to cover military radar antennas ASATI's engineers and manufacturing personnel have pioneered the commercial use of air-supported structures for both industrial and recreational applications. We are proud to call ourselves the pioneers of the air supported structures industry.
Since its history began, ASATI has patented, designed, engineered and built more than 5000 air supported structures. ASATI and its CEO, Mr. Fraioli have received awards for many projects, including special citations from Fabric Structures Association, American Institute of Architects and The American Association of School Administrators. Additionally, Mr. Fraioli is a member and serves on the special air structure committee for the American Society of Civil Engineers, and the Architectural Fabric Structures Institute.


Address: 211 S. Ridge St.
Rye Brook, NY 10573
(914) 937-4500
(800) 247-2534
(914) 937-6331

Rosemarie Fraioli, Dir. Mktg.

Donato Fraioli, Technical Sls. & Prod. Dev.



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