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Afras Industries, Inc.

Afras Industries, Inc.
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Afras Industries, Inc. is a company that offers products in water industry. These products include utility/submersible pumps manual and electronic, pool cover pumps, noise reduction (Sunmuf), VGB compliance drain covers, main drains sumps, sight glasses, inlet/outlet directional fittings, pool and spa vacuum cleaners (VakPump), brass wedge anchors, hooks and Junction boxes. Some of the products have been previously sold under the ABF (Alloy Brass Foundry). Also Afras Industries can out-source varieties of products and tools.


Address: 3641 Old Conjeo Rd.
Newbury Park, CA 91320
(805) 499-1144
(805) 499-1133

Reza Afshar, Pres.



Manufacturer Brands: ABF||Press-In-Check Valve||SunMuf||Vakpump

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