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Advanced Space-age Systems & Engineering Technology (ASSET)

Advanced Space-age Systems & Engineering Technology (ASSET)
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Hi, I’m Dan Jones. A member of the NASA Space Shuttle Launch Team, I am a Senior Engineer with 22 years experience, specializing in the field of Structural, Thermal, Fluid, and Mechanical Engineering. I along with other highly-skilled engineers, worked diligently over the years to bring to you this most significant item for your swimming pool.
The patented “One and Only” Circulator is a modern marvel that will give your pool up to 1500% more circulating power, saving you time and money for the entire life of your healthy swimming pool.


Address: 9235 Captiva Cir.
St. Pete Beach, FL 33706
(561) 208-6535
(727) 367-9565

Wes Welden, Pres.

Joan Welden, V.P.



Manufacturer Brands: Circulator, The "One & Only"

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