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ABCO Distributors

ABCO Distributors
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ABCO Distributors was established in 1980 and has been designing and manufacturing swimming pool and hot-tub electrical controls for over twenty-five years. ABCO manufactures electrical controls devices under the brand names of: FREEZE PROTECTOR, FREEZE GUARD, FREEZE SHIELD and FREEZE DEFENDER.
These products include: time clocks, air switches, and circuit breaker assemblies. All of the aforementioned products can be integrated with X-10 PRO wireless controls. Additionally, all ABCO products are indeed UL listed and approved.
Every ABCO device is individually calibrated and tested before it leaves our facility. We achieve product longevity by employing 30- ampere contactors in our design (our competition use 20). Our housings are considerable large and “electrician friendly”. As a result, ABCO receives a very low count of malfunctioning-device returns. These are just a few examples of our superior engineering and design.


Address: Weatherford, TX
P.O. Box 1445
(817) 598-1188
(800) 289-2226
(817) 594-9696
(800) BUY-ABCO

Jerry Ashmore, Pres.



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