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Abatron, Inc.

Abatron, Inc.
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ABATRON’s restoration and maintenance products excel at making even the most challenging repairs permanent and cost-effective. Since 1959 the company has manufactured a wide variety of products for concrete repair and maintenance that exceed customer expectations for both ease-of-use and performance. Each product is meticulously tested to industry standards ensuring that it is the best product for the application and that there is never a need to “repair the repair”. ABATRON’s products include epoxy patching and repair compounds for cracks, spalls, bonding, and resurfacing, joint sealants, slip-resistant coatings for above and below water, structural crack injection resins, and epoxy pool coatings. Most products contain virtually no VOCs. Our most popular products are GREENGUARD Certified® which reflects ABATRON’s ongoing commitment to the safety of both the user and the environment. Technical support staff is available to assist with projects and recommendations.


Address: 5501 95th Ave.
Kenosha, WI 53144
(262) 653-2000
(800) 445-1754
(262) 653-2019

Richard Ahlstrom, Sls. Mgr.



Manufacturer Brands: Abocoat 8508-1™||Abocrete™||Abojet®||Aboweld 55-1™||BestBond®||Tread Spread™

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